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Handheld RFID Readers RFD2000

Handheld RFID Readers RFD2000
Ref.: RFD2000-1000100-EU

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UHF RFID SLED FOR RFID VERSION OF TC20, EU/ETSI FREQUENCY BANDS. This winning combination is a complete retail solution that makes inventory management, shopper interactions and assisted selling a breeze. Superior ergonomics deliver comfort and style %u2014 the compact and lightweight design brings comfort to even the most scan intensive tasks, yet the modern design is at home in shopper-facing areas of the most design-conscious stores.. Unlike many sleds, there%u2019s no compromise on performance %u2014 you get the same high-performance RFID tag capture typically found in dedicated RFID devices %u2014 fast and very accurate %u2014 along with the flexibility to add and remove RFID functionality as needed. And three modes meet the needs of a wide variety of applications. When finding a misplaced item in a store can feel like finding a needle in a haystack %u2014 but Geiger-counter mode makes it easy.. Triggerless mode eliminates the need to press and hold the trigger to continuously capture tags, bringing comfort to the most scan intensive tasks, such as taking inventory. The ability to read and write barcode data to RFID tags with one press of the trigger simplifies omni-channel inventory visibility, offering seamless flexibility for many in-store applications.. When the TC20 is in the RFD2000 sled, just press the scan button to determine whether the multi-function trigger captures an RFID tag or a barcode. With our unique cradle, you can charge the RFD2000/TC20 combination together as a single unit %u2014 or individually. And with the ability to create non-clonable RFID tags with data that remains hidden and untraceable until captured by the RFD2000, you can protect product authenticity and your shopper%u2019s privacy.