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BLE Beacon

BLE Beacon

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Annual MPACT Server License - Per site/location for 50 beacons and/or 50,000 visits in 30 days (if using server)
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Annual MPACT Server License - Per site/location for 50 beacons and/or 50,000 visits in 30 days (if using server). With all the location technology choices available, what%u2019s the best solution when you need simple, inexpensive, easy-to-deploy devices capable of tracking your assets to a small zone such as a room? Zebra Bluetooth® Beacons use Bluetooth® low-energy technology and feature a variety of physical and digital configurations to provide presence and proximity location data as part of Zebra MotionWorks. Location data that becomes critical information that can transform your business. There is a digital technology transformation taking place at the edge of today%u2019s industrial networks. Those companies able to leverage this technology will have a performance edge over their competition. If you care about the location and status of your assets, the productivity of your workers, and optimizing workflows, then you need location data insight to run your business. Zebra Bluetooth® Beacons featuring Bluetooth low energy technology are easy to deploy, have long operating lifetimes, and form the foundation of extremely cost-effective, proximity-based asset tracking solutions to give your business a performance edge..There are many different location technologies. Bluetooth is a proximity-based location technology that integrates easily with applications or server-based location solutions. It%u2019s a low-cost, active RFID technology that allows for extremely fast installation, even in fairly complex environments, like warehouses, factories, and hospitals. When general location information (down to a small zone or room) is all that is needed to solve your business problem, Bluetooth is the ideal technology and a tremendous value.. The low power consumption of Bluetooth® low energy technology is the catalyst for battery-powered devices that can be used to create innovative asset management, material replenishment, and yard management solutions. Be it manufacturing, transportation and logistics, healthcare or retail; location data from the edge of the network provides valuable information about how your operation is actually performing. The low battery consumption characteristics of Bluetooth® low energy devices enable the development of innovative, battery-operated active beacons, operating for multiple years at cost points that are compelling